Boat Deliveries

Need Your Boat Relocated? We’ll Take Care Of It!

There are 2 ways to deliver your loved boat to the destination you choose to:

  1. On its own keel – Alon Badt is our delivery captain. After 5 ocean crossings, Med. Sea crossings, North Sea crossing, Caribbean and Bahamas cruising, 85.000 off-shore logged miles with boats range from 28’ – 85’ straight from the shipyard or with 40 years of age and many satisfied boat owners, we make sure your boat will arrive to its destination the fastest way we can with special attention for safety and wear & tear. We can arrange for paid crew OR, the owner can join/invite his friends to take part in the adventure to reduce the crew cost.
  2. On board a “Seven Star” freight ship – “La Paz Cruisers Supply” is the official agent of “Seven Star” ships that are specially designed to carry other pleasure vessels on their deck for a quick and low on wear & tear delivery.

Contact us for further information on those two options when you want your boat to be delivered. We will help you choose what’s best for you with all the costs, time and season put into the equation.