Shipwright Services

Hi, I’m Marga, The Traveling Boatwright at La Paz Cruisers Supply. Think of me like your friendly boat general practitioner.

I’ve spent my career building and repairing boats, driven by my love and fascination of them, especially their systems and details.

From hulls to rigs to engines to electrical and beyond – I’ve built a career out of knowing the entire boat. My deep understanding allows me to solve problems intelligently and appropriately.

My broad background means I see things that more narrowly focused specialists might miss, and can integrate – designs, repairs, and installations – in ways that provide the best functionality and value to you.

I love boats but my services are designed around people. I always start by listening – hearing your concerns, your thoughts, goals, and budget. Once we’re working my continued focus is to provide a professional, respectful, hassle-free experience – something we can all feel great about. Guaranteed start dates, clear and consistent communication, and regular billing updates are the cornerstones of a repair experience that is human-centered.

I work on sail and power boats, on vessels and projects large and small. If you have a question, problem, or dream on your mind, drop me a line. I always love to talk boats.